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What’s That… Full KickStarter Exclusive


What’s that… brings you the very best in quick party games.

Number of Cards: 450

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Product Description

We have spent years working on and pondering the creating of the incredible family card game What’s That…

Searching for some of the most iconic TV shows, films, and video games from across the past 50 years (and beyond in some Disney films). You will have 3 rounds, the first will be able to use any word/s on the card as well as your in-depth (or not) knowledge of what you are trying to describe. At the end of this round, all cards that have not been guessed correctly gets put in the discard pile (or back in the box).

Round 2 is all about characters and the actors that place them (for tv shows and films). The final round is the one that can make or break whether you win or loose the game.

The final round is where you have 1 word to describe what’s on the card. By now you would have a very good understanding of what’s in the remaining cards. You have 2 different variants for this round. You can choose to have the ability to use the forbidden words on the card, or you can collectively decide not to. Choose wisely, as by now you will know which team is winning and loosing. Do you play safe, and try and make it more difficult, or do you try and small out as many answers trying to out muscle your opponents.

Thus becoming the What’s That… champions!