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Frequently Asked Questions2023-02-08T10:59:45+00:00

We hope that we have covered most of the answers that you may have for us. We hope by doing so will eliminate the need to get in touch and wait for a reply from us.

If, however, we haven’t answered your message, please do get in touch with us via our Contact Page.

My discount code doesn’t work?2019-12-08T12:23:03+00:00

If for any reason your discount code doesn’t work, please do get in touch with us via our Contact Page. We will then look to investigate and if need be, get a new code over to you (this will render the original code invalid).

Why do you only give offers to those who sign up to receive emails?2019-12-08T12:20:52+00:00

We provide specific discount codes for those that sign up to receive emails from us. These emails will be few and far between as we know getting bombarded is not cool!

We will have one site wide discount and that’s over the Black Friday weekend through to Cyber Monday. However, by signing up for offers we will send you periodic ones with a unique discount code just for you. These can range from free postage, through to getting free extensions.

Why is postage so expensive?2019-12-01T07:14:20+00:00

We are currently working on logistics so that more and more of our games are stored on location (meaning having physical units delivered straight from the manufacturer to the USA and Australia).

This will decrease the postage costs slightly, and the savings can be passed onto you.

Do you offer discounts at all?2020-11-13T20:07:47+00:00

I’m afraid we do not offer discounts at any time of year through the website unless it is over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. We do send our email subscribers regular offers on new and existing product.

The only way you can take advantage of these is by heading over to our Offers page and sign up for our emails.

If you are a retailer looking for wholesale prices, please get in touch with us via our Contact Page and we will look to get back to you.

You don’t appear to deliver to me, what can i do in the mean time?2020-07-14T19:39:28+00:00

We are always looking to increase to deliver into different regions of the world. Sometimes, this is hindered by the postage costs to that region. Rest assured though, we are trying to work through various ways to make this happen.

For an example of approximate printing.

  • 450 card base game will be 75 pages to print (150 if want to print the reverse of the cards), or
  • 100 card extensions will be approximately 17 pages to print (150 if want to print the reverse of the cards).

With all our downloadable versions, we also include the rear of the card. You will need to be able to either print double-sided or turn the page over and re-print the reverse. With either method, we cannot guarantee a perfect line up with the reverse of the card.

Can i play around with the rounds?2019-11-30T17:37:46+00:00

We strongly advise against altering the order of the rounds. The only reason is we have tested all the possible configurations and it works best with the following.

  • Round 1 – Describing what’s on the card (no limits to what you can or can’t say),
  • Round 2 – Using characters or the people who played/voiced them, and
  • Round 3 – One word can be used. Mess that word up, and thats round over for you.
Do you need the base game to be able to play the game?2019-11-30T13:43:23+00:00

Of course, you can play just the expansions but the only trouble you will have is you will find you will recycle the same cards very frequently.

If you wanted to have a wide variety of genres, we would suggest purchasing our Big Box Base Game. This has 450 cards and a wide mix of Films, TV Show, and Video Games.

Equally, you can purchase more expansions individually. However, this will be a more costly way of building your deck.

Can I play with 2 people?2019-11-30T13:22:53+00:00

We are currently working on a 2 player variant of the game. But for now, it is a team based family card game.

Is it possible to change the duration of the rounds2019-11-30T13:29:31+00:00

We have play tested many different variants in round length. We found that the game worked well with the following.

  • Round 1 – 2 minutes
  • Round 2 – 1 minute, and
  • Round 3 – 30 seconds

By all means have a play around, but we would suggest keeping to the halving of the next round by the previous round.

If you want to add an extra round in so having two of each round, for even 3. Do so based on the size of the team.

Why is there so much empty space in the base game box?2019-11-30T11:43:05+00:00

We wanted to future proof the game by allowing enough space to add some of the expansions in, with you being able to house well over 500 cards inside.

If you pledged during our initial KickStarter campaign we will be having a bigger box. Our bigger box will house over 3,500 cards. Plenty of cards that you’ll hardly ever see the same card twice!

Where can I download a set of the rules from?2019-11-30T13:25:40+00:00

You can download a set of the rules HERE

Can I use cards from the What’s That…, Who’s That… and Where’s That… base and expansion games together?2021-01-15T17:00:24+00:00

In a word, yes.

You can mix and match cards from each base game and expansions. If you don’t want to to have video games in a game, no problem just take them out.

You will have however the unique card backs for each game. However, although it may give you a helping hand it would only be slight, and if you play using the rules you’ll have a few cards in hand already so wouldn’t be able to see the back of the card you would be currently looking at.

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